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It all started at Wendy’s in 2004…

…when a small group of friends expressed their shared concern about the lack of educational opportunities for children in Kilifi.

We set up a small committee and began paying fees for one or two children.

In 2008, Rotary International approached us to help administer their sponsorship programme and pledged support for 50 secondary students over the next 4 years.

That meant a doubling of our beneficiaries at that time which was quite a leap to take. We took it and never looked back!

And then moved to Jacob’s in 2012…

… to an open plan, breezy office in the centre of Kilifi Town. It’s accessible to all our students and where our team love to work.

Two of the original founders, Zena Salim and Kate Nokes present at Wendy’s over 10 years ago, are still on the Board and still best friends.
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