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Our dedicated team at Kesho Kenya includes

1. Salaried Staff

  • Evans Odhiambo - Executive Director (front row, far right)
  • 15 Members of Staff
  • 2 Kesho Gap Year Student Employees

2. A volunteer pool of ~30

3. Board Members

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Chairperson and Co-Founder

Mrs. Zena Salim (centre)
Civic Society Leader

Dr. Santie de Villiers (far left)
University Lecturer in Biochemistry, Pwani University, Kilifi

VIce Secretary
Dr. Kelly Muraya (far right)
Post-doctoral Research in Social Science: Kemri-Wellcome Trust

Treasurer (2nd from left)
Ms. Mary Muthomi
Head of Finance, KEMRI-Wellcome Trust, Kilifi


Dr. Sam Kinyanjui (centre)
Head of Training, KEMRI-Wellcome Trust, Kilifi

Prof. James Kahindi
Director of Education, Pwani University, Kilifi

Dr. Kate Nokes
Co-Founder and Director of Kesho until 2014. Currently she is Chairwoman of Kesho UK