Sponsor a Child

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Sponsoring a child to school for a year costs
£5 (Ksh 500) per month for a primary child
Up to £50 (Ksh5,000) per month for a child at secondary school.

Funds are spent on fees (state schools are subsidised but not free in Kenya), uniforms and books (details on our Access to education page).

Any income surplus/deficit received for a particular child is pooled and used only to help sponsor other students through school by Kesho.

Access to education is the start a child’s enriching journey with Kesho.

Donate to our Education Fund

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By donating to Kesho we will ensure your money goes directly towards the children themselves to ensure their access to education.

It’s easy !

Click donate and you will be directed to the Kesho UK website.
Kesho Kenya


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Join our incredible team of volunteers.

Play with the children, read stories, support our IT and Leadership training events or provide technical and administrative help in the office.

We’d love your help.
Kesho Kenya

Work for Us

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We are a small team but vacancies do arise from time to time.

Find out about any vacancies here.
Kesho Kenya

Partner with Us

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Partner with Kesho at programme or operational level.

There’s never a dull moment!