Programme 1: Access to Education

”I didn’t even dream of going to university until I met Kesho”

Why we do it

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We believe children have the right to an education and deserve the chance to realise their dreams

It is not free to go to school in Kenya.
Many children don’t start school or drop out along the way.

Even at government schools you have to pay for education.

Kesho Kenya helps children get started at school and remain in education until they are ready to find employment. Some leave right after primary school, others not until they have completed university. What is certain, the children are in the driving seat and Kesho is there to guide and encourage every step of the way.

How we do it

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Our door is always open: we support children from nursery to university

Access is just the start of children’s enriching and educational journey with us. Our holistic, long-term approach gives students the time and space they need to find the path that’s right for them.
At Primary School
We offer support to children among the 6% of families in Kenya who can’t afford the 10 US cents a day it costs to send their child to Primary school
At Secondary School
We invest in bright young leaders who we believe can really make a difference and break the cycle of poverty.
With fees rising from £50 a year at Primary School to £500 a year, sending a child to secondary school can be crippling for families; almost a year’s salary for some. .
At College & University
It is rare for an organisation to extend support beyond secondary school. We believe the long-term security we offer gives students the confidence and self belief to succeed.

Rigorous selection with built in flexibility of support

Kesho Kenya interviews children and parents and visits their homes before offering a standard or discretionary package according to their needs.
100% Fees (Primary)
90% Fees (Secondary and Tertiary)
Uniform and Stationery (Primary)
Uniform, Text books, Boarding Items (Secondary)
Travel and Accommodation (Tertiary)

Our Impacts

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Having the opportunity to go to school can have an enormous impact on the child, their family and their community

Financial Support provided to 598 children to date.
353 students sponsored this year from Nursery to University

Look what our students write about Kesho Kenya

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“As a Kesho sponsored student at secondary school and then as a Law student at University I was assisted to realise my potential to become a great person in the future. I hope to really make a difference in Kenyan society and continue being an inspiration to other Kesho students. I have seen, first hand, the great difference education make to to our lives….”
Queen: University Law Graduate supported by Kesho Kenya