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Programme 5: Enrichment and Training

“The Kesho seminars and events prompted me to form a youth football club in my home area to help children out of school”
Lemic: Social entrepreneur and university graduate of Sociology and IT supported by Kesho Kenya

Why we do it

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We all learn so much better among friends.

Because education isn’t just about being in school; it’s about making friends and thriving once you are there; it’s about having the time and space to make choices; as well as the IT, leadership, social and life skills you need to become independent young adults.

How we do it

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~30 Enrichment and training events for everyone

Kesho Kenya’s resource centre is the focus of all our events; safe and vibrant.
We respond to need and ensure our events are relevent and fun for Kesho Kenya students and their families


Careers Fair
Entrepreneurship Skills
Application support for Scholarships, Tertiary education and Jobs.


First Aid
Reproductive & Sexual Health
Rights of the Child


Prize Giving
Family Fun Day
Christmas Craft Day
Spelling Bee’s
Sailing and more…

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Reproductive and Sexual Health Workshops

Kesho Kenya
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Our Annual Christmas Craft Day

Kesho Kenya
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Parent meetings to share ideas and concerns

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IT training for primary and secondary students

Kesho Kenya
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The Kesho Careers Fair

Kesho Kenya
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Prize Giving Day; rewarding effort & achievement

Our Impacts

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Children feel part of the Kesho Kenya family where there is peer support, respect for each other and a positive spirit.

…it’s seen in everyone’s keeness to take part and their tremendous commitment to giving back to their families and communities.

Let’s read what some of the students write about Kesho Kenya

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