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Succeeding against the odds - Mbaru has really found his voice through Kesho’s support.

At 11 years, he was being teased a lot because of his stammer. He was getting very poor grades, performing in the bottom 10% of his class, and had to repeat class 4.

With encouragement from Kesho and exposure to group story telling and one to one reading practice, he has progressed to an independent reader.

He comes in the top 30% of his class now. The stammering has reduced and his confidence increased.

He even enjoys debates at Kesho and never consents defeat from his opponents!
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Lister, Ajaz, Amina & Mary

A Fantastic Four! A story of friendship and determination.

Having no funds to continue their education after Primary School, Kesho stepped in to help. 4 years later they are at University studying to be an Economist, Lawyer and Doctor while Ajax is in her final year at a top secondary school.

As young children they faced unimaginable hardships including abuse, trauma and sickness. With Kesho they took advantage of all our support services including psycho-social counselling, computer training, academic advice, life skills etc..

Today they embody everything Kesho stands for: They all work and volunteer for us regularly and are actively involved in peer mentoring, the Kesho Alumni and to giving back to their community.
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A truly amazing young woman - cool and smart - Christine really knows how to impress.

Having been supported by Kesho through secondary school, Lister worked with Kesho for his Gap Year and now they are both at University.

Christine won a tuition scholarship from CfC Bank to US International University, Nairobi, to study for a degree in Business Management. One of only 2 chosen in the whole country!

Lister and her other Kesho peers helped her to settle in; understanding the magnitude of her achievement; all proud to be part of Kesho’s family
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Kirimo has gone far - quite literally! Now in Canada on a full university scholarship.

Kirimo also joined Kesho at secondary school. Living by a stream in a remote village, he has never been phased by anyone; always adaptable and friendly and capable of fitting in wherever he is.

After secondary school he delayed going to university after Kesho helped him get a full scholarship to study for the IB at the Aga Khan in Mombasa. From there he earned a scholarship to join a university in Canada to do Business Studies.

He’s there now and still in touch with us. We can’t wait to see him on his return in 2018.

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Never without a smile - Mbigo is Kesho’s first student to start sponsoring another.

When Kesho first met Mbigo it was a confusing time; he’d got top marks in his National end of primary exam and had just lost both his parents. Kesho supported him at a top National Secondary School but it was the other side of the country. When he came home for the holidays Kesho helped locate a great orphanage close by and slowly he began to thrive.

Kesho gave him work during his Gap Year and supported him in his successful application for a full University scholarship with Commercial Bank.

Mbigo believes in Giving Back and sponsors another student through school. For several years he has helped Kesho with the termly appraisals of secondary students and this year did an 8 day IT training.

He’s a fine example to us all.
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A pretty special guy - Lemic is someone who never stands still and is an inspiration to us all.

One of 5 children he joined Kesho while at Secondary school and then worked for us while on his Gap Year. In 2014, while at Maseno University studying IT and Commerce, he was selected for a 3 month E.African exchange to Finland. After graduating with a 1st Class degree in 2015 he was snapped up by an orphan support group as their Assistant Administrator.

Kesho has supported him all the way and he has supported us too for many years. An enormous help running student events, Lemic is playful and inspirational with all age groups.

His social enterprise (GYEA) is going from strength to strength; running a youth football team to empower and mentor young children from his village.

Impressive always.
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Kesho’s most improved secondary student in 2015. She’s turned her life around - we’re so proud!

Dorcas did so well at primary school but began struggling at Secondary. Kesho noticed how quiet and withdrawn she was, plus her grades were falling. We arranged for some professional counselling and her story came out.

Last term, Dorcas had found a special friend, her grades had improved and she had taken on a leadership role in school of Secretary of the Christian Union.

We are really proud of how she has come through and dealt with her challenges. It has been rewarding supporting her through her journey.
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“I am now able to cater for all my children’s school fees thanks to Kesho”
My first business was selling potato snacks “Viazi Karai” but I couldn’t make enough profit. Now I have a mitumba business selling second hand clothes. It is doing well.

Anastasia says she enjoys attending Kesho’s Parent Cluster Groups Meetings where they discuss child protection issues in their local area. Being poor can make childcare difficult so her group decided to take action and set up their own saving scheme to help care better for their children.

Anastasia says “This means when my children start secondary school I will be prepared.”

We are impressed with her long-term planning and determination to help her family.
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“I love reading!”
Rebecca has read more stories than any other child this year; reading 15 books in one term!

She is a vibrant girl, always smiling, and so keen to attend all the reading sessions we hold in the resource centre and at her school.

From a single parent family and the third born, she has transitioned from a pre-reader to a reader while aged only 6 years at nursery school.

We’re super proud of her.
She’s the one on the far right and front of the picture holding up her reading card with enthusiasm and confidence during one of our literacy sessions under a tree at school.