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Poverty complicates all aspects of life

Parents value education but cannot afford to send children to school
There is so much potential to unlock, celebrate and bring positive change to individuals families and communities…

Kilifi is one of the poorest counties in Kenya underperforming in all development indicators and ranking in bottom 15% in education. 80% are subsistence farmers. 30% don’t have toilets. 25% of people report regularly not having enough food, clean water or medicine.

6% of children are out of school - unable to afford the 10 US cents a day it costs to go to primary school. It is children from these families that Kesho supports.

“Mum needs me to look after my younger sisters - but I want to go to school” A Primary Child

The cost of secondary school is almost a year’s salary. Under half of children progress from primary to secondary school. Without Kesho their education would end at age 14 years.

“There are very many rich old men who take advantage of the poor illiterate girls” A Secondary Student

100% of Kesho children are qualifying for Tertiary Education compared to only 13% in the County. Our academic support and training programmes are contributing to their success.

Meet Emmanuel

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One of many inspiring and humbling Kesho Kenya students
Here is his story of how, through hard work and determination, he became a successful Social Entrepreneur
Kesho Kenya
“Kesho is everything to me - it saved my life in more ways than one - I was sick, out of school, with dreams but no hope. How I’m alive and well, with a diploma in HR and my own Social Enterprise business.

I never knew my mother and my father had died when I was small. My grandma raised me and encouraged me to tap coconut trees to help buy food.

My first job was with Kesho, and then, with a sustainable energy company in Nairobi, managing 20+ staff. In 2015 I won an international Leadership and Social Enterprise scholarship with Kanthari in India. Kesho helped me with my application and to fundraise for the flight.

I want to give back to my community; it is very poor. By setting up my own Social Enterprise Company in 2016,
Takkazi, I aim to recycle 72 tons of plastic every year as well as provide much needed employment.