Procurement - Pre-qualification of Suppliers

To apply download the following documents

Kesho Kenya wishes to update its list for prequalified suppliers of goods, works and services.

For this purpose, interested suppliers, service providers and new eligible capable suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, agents, professional organisations and individuals are invited to apply for consideration and registration as Kesho Kenya suppliers of goods, works and services under the listed categories below for a period of 2 years (2018 & 2019).

Interested and eligible firms are advised to send an email request for a soft copy through No hard copies will be issued.
Place a complete set of documents in a sealed plain envelope and mark clearly with the tender reference number and title. Post to address below or put in the tender box situated at the Kesho Kenya reception desk.
The Procurement Officer
Postal Address: PO Box 997, 80108 Kilifi, Kenya
Physical Address; Jacobs Building, 2nd Floor, Next to Khairat Medical Centre, Kilifi, Kenya
The deadline of 28th February has been
extended until 8th March 8th 2018 for the following categories:
1. KESHO/PRQ/05/2018-2019
2. KESHO/PRQ/12/2018-2019
3. KESHO/PRq/14/2018-2019
Documents submitted after the closing date and time will be rejected.