Academic Support

On an educational journey

Why We Do It

Going to school for the first time can be very challenging especially if you have joined a few years late and are much older than your peers. Also children aged just 14 years may be leaving their village for the first time in order to attend a government secondary school, most of which are boarding.

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On top of that there are the usual challenges of growing up and coping in schools where issues such as corporal punishment and bullying were officially abolished and child protection is getting on the agenda.

How we do it

Kesho Kenya listens, responds and supports children on their educational and enriching journey with us. We meet every student once a term to review their progress, celebrate their achievements, offer advice and encourage on all aspects of school and home life. Warning signs are caught early and individual support is given.

Our Impacts

Time and time again we are inspired and humbled by the degree of commitment and achievement shown by Kesho students. Over the past years 94 percent or more of Kesho Kenya secondary school students have qualified for Diploma and Degree Courses at Tertiary College or University. We must be doing something right!

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Also other exam results are astonishing among Kesho Kenya students: From 2015 until 2018,

  • 75 percent of Kesho Kenya primary school children qualified for secondary school scoring above 200 marks in their National KCPE exam
  • 67 percent of Kesho Kenya Secondary students score A to C+ in end of year exams national KCSE exams and thus meet the cutline to universities – see graph.

What a student writes

Being a Kesho Student is the greatest privilege a learner can get. Never get frustrated, focus. Discover who you are, know what you want and work towards it. If you are a Keho sponsored student, that’s a very good chance; never waste it. With Kesho we can make it.” Ambrose, electrical engineer and former beneficiary of Kesho Kenya.