Access To Education

”I didn’t even dream of going to university until I met Kesho”

Why We Do It

It is not free to go to school in Kenya. Many children don’t start school or drop out along the way. We believe children have the right to an education and deserve the chance to live to their dreams. We believe in education that seeks the full development of young people’s personality, talent, capacity and sense of dignity.

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As such, we promote inclusive education that overcomes all forms of discrimination and allows girls and boys to equitably achieve basic education. This education is child-centred and based on young people’s experiences, motivations, characteristics, realities and dreams, so that learning becomes an integral part of enjoying life.

How we do it

Kesho Kenya helps children get started at school and remain in education until they are ready to find employment. Some leave right after primary school, others not until they have completed university. What is certain, the children are in the driving seat and Kesho is there to guide and encourage every step of the way.

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Access is just the start of children’s enriching and educational journey with us. Our holistic, long-term approach gives students the time and space they need to find the path that’s right for them.

Our Impacts

  • Up to date helped educate about 3,500 children from Primary school to university
  • 14,445 chidren supported through the “Wasichana Wetu Wafaulu” (Let Our Girls Succeed) project.
  • More than 400 pupils and students sponsored in 2019
  • 28 adults learning how to read and write in our Adult Literacy Class in 2019

What students write

“I consider my experience with Kesho Kenya exceptional, it is one that has formed the foundation of all that I am today.”. A former beneficiary, now studying at Hillsdale College, Michigan, USA, 2020

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“Honestly I owe everything I have and who I have become to Kesho. They made me, taught me everything I needed to learn, and educated me. Through the enrichment trainings I have acquired skills that enable me to think broadly and independently.” A beneficiary and gap year student, 2018“

“I am very proud to still be connected to Kesho Kenya. Who I am today and what I have achieved so far, I owe especially to Kesho. I don’t know where I would be today without the organisation’s support.” A former beneficiary, studying at Pwani University, 2018

“Actually, Kesho Kenya has given me a chance to connect with my community and make it a better place, see the world from a different point of view and provided me with a sense of purpose.” A former Graduate Assistant at Kesho Kenya, 2019