Basic & Secondary Education

Why We Do It

Whilst primary school in Kenya is ‘free’ families still have to provide uniforms and undertake other costs to ensure their children are in school. Currently, all students in secondary schools have to pay standard fees depending on the level of the school.

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Although government subsidized the fees, the payable amount still prohibits thousands of young Kenyans from accessing education due to poverty. Kilifi’s literacy levels are among the lowest in the country ( and classrooms with up to 100 children are not uncommon.

How we do it

Kesho Kenya offers merit based sponsorships to bright children from vulnerable backgrounds inhibiting them from either footing primary or secondary school education. Applicants for sponsorships in primary schools are expected to have scored over 350 out of 500 marks for three consecutive terms.

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After students successfully complete and pass their KCPE, Kesho selects top students in the County. Cutline varies depending on yearly students’ performance. Beneficiaries are thereafter expected to maintain a mean grade of not less than B (plain). Those with dwindling grades are put on review to ascertain root cause of poor performance and how to help them improve.

Besides access to education, Kesho provides uniform, stationery to our primary beneficiaries and basic life skill and enrichment training programs such as career, leadership and IT to all our students. We purchase text books for secondary students, purchase personal items a few who cannot afford.

Our fully equipped resource center is readily available for students not limiting to Kesho beneficiaries to visit either on weekends or over school holidays and study.

At the end of every term, secondary and primary beneficiaries come to our offices to report on how their preceding term was both academically and socially. We term this exercise as appraisals and is normally conducted by our youth on voluntary basis. Students then set targets for their proceeding term and get to write appreciation letters to their sponsors.

Our Impacts

To date, Kesho Kenya supported almost 3,600 children from primary school to university. In 2019, we sponsored 132 children through primary and 117 students in the secondary education program. We provided financial support, school uniforms, stationary and literacy as well as academic support.

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Additionally, we offered counseling and mentorship where needed.

All eight students who in 2019 sat for their KCSE qualified for Diploma and Degree Courses at Tertiary College or University. That means as in the previous years, the transition rate remains 95 percent and above.

In 2019, a total of 28 adults attended classes of Kesho Kenya Adult Literacy Center. Five class members sat for Kilifi County Proficiency exam and were awarded with certificates. Four members sat for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education, among them father and son.

We held in total 13 enrichment trainings with 1,218 Kesho beneficiaries and peers participating in.

One of our Secondary beneficiaries won the prestigious Brookside “Mathlete” regional contest. Another one won several prizes in debate competition.

What Students and Parents Say

“Because you have given my son a free education and you came into our life with sponsorship, you have created homes for the homeless, hope for the hopeless and even gave vision to us.” Father of a Kesho Kenya beneficiary who graduated from university in 2019.

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“When I came to Kesho Kenya I was shy. Through the trainings they offer and the smiles I get from staff when I am in the resource center, I am motivated to work harder so as to make Kesho Kenya proud. I thank them for moulding me into who I currently am.” A beneficiary in Secondary who won several prizes in debating cometitions.