Donate now to help educate a child

Why Support Us?

Every child deserves a future. That’s why we do whatever it takes, each and every day, to ensure children grow up learning and are safe. But we can’t do it without you! There are so many ways to help children in need with a financial contribution, just choose the way that works best for you. Girls and boys in need living in the Kenyan coast are grateful that you support our mission.

All contributions will be gratefully acknowledged and are tax deductible.

Pay with Lipa na M-pesa

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  1. Open M-PESA menu
  2. Select Lipa na M-PESA option
  3. Select the Pay Bill option
  4. Enter business No. 542393
  5. Enter account No. DONATE
  6. Enter amount and confirm with PIN

Payment by cheque

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  1. Payable to: “Kesho Kenya”
  2. Write the amount you wish to donate.
  3. On the memo line of the check, please indicate that the donation is for “Kesho Kenya”
  4. Please mail your check to:
    • Kesho Kenya
    • P.O Box 997
    • 80108 Kilifi
    • Kenya

    Our physical address in case you want to pass by:

    • Jacob’s Building (besides Khairat Clinic)
    • Sideway Stores
    • Mtaani, Kilifi

Bank transfer

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Kenyan Shilling

    • Bank’s Name: Barclays Bank
    • Bank’s Branch: PO Box 423-80108, Kilifi
    • Branch Code: 019
    • Account Name: Kesho Kenya
    • Account No: 2034668305

    US Dollar

      • Bank’s Name: Barclays Bank
      • Bank’s Branch: PO Box 423-80108, Kilifi
      • Branch Code: 019
      • Account Name: Kesho Kenya
      • Account No: 2034668321
      • SWIFT Code: BARCKENX

      British Pound

      • Bank’s Name: Barclays Bank
      • Bank’s Branch: PO Box 423-80108, Kilifi
      • Branch Code: 019
      • Account Name: Kesho Kenya
      • Account No: 2034668240
      • SWIFT Code: BARCKENX

Contribute to a life that thrives!

Parents in the Kenyan coast value education but cannot afford to send children to school. There is so much potential to unlock, celebrate and bring positive change to individuals families and communities. By donating to us, you are helping to give a child the opportunity and encouragement they need to fulfil their potential, stay in school, become the future leaders in their communities and live their dreams. Your gift positively impacts children in need, both now and in the future.

Sponsor a child to go to school

Primary School: Sponsoring a child to go to school costs 500 Ksh (5 GBP/5 US-Dollar/5 EUR) per month for a primary child. Fees for books and stationery, school uniforms are included.

Secondary School: Contribute 5,000 Ksh (50 GBP/50 US-Dollar/50 EUR) per month to put a child through secondary education.

Enrichment training: Besides education, Kesho Kenya offers enrichment training and events to help our students to increase self-confidence and attain their full academic potential. By donating 10,000 KSH once a year you enable us to finance an enrichment training curriculum that students can highly benefit from.

Become a monthly donor

Be one of the special persons that give children the confidence of knowing that long-term support is always available. 

Make a one-time gift

Find happiness in sharing and help Kesho Kenya today! Why not ask friends and family to make a donation to us as a special birthday present for you? Or maybe contribute with part of your heritage, tax refunds or lotto win to support our children? There are so many ways of donating to support children’s education. Thank you already for putting your creative ideas into reality!

Plan your legacy

What is left when I go? Anyone who sorts out their last wishes in good time can enjoy their life without worry.

With a bequest, you provide lasting support for our commitment to making the world fairer, and give children in the coast of Kenya hope for a better future.

You have obtained and carefully invested your assets over a long period of time. We assure you that we will handle your bequest with just as much care, so that it gives rise to something permanent.

Are you considering including Kesho Kenya in your will? Would you like to discuss your questions in person, or to learn more about our work? We will be happy to answer all your questions in a personal conversation or during a visit. Naturally, we will handle your query confidentially and with great diligence.