Esther Dzendere is a woman who never gives up. Who would have thought that she would be fulfilling her heart’s desire in her thirties… The saying better late than never fits in this context. Although who said, there is a time frame in acquiring education and one is late when they get to a certain age?

She is such a multi-tasker as she looks after her ailing mum, takes care of her family, goes to work and still finds time to attend adult literacy classes at Kesho Kenya for two hours a day. With her hands this full, Esther still managed to be the best student and was awarded for being the best overall learner during the World Literacy Day celebrations for adult literacy.

Esther being awarded for being the best overall learnerEsther being awarded for being the best overall learner

“It is God’s doing for me to be position one as I would sometimes miss classes for about a week if work overwhelms and i’ve got limited time to finish up. Im very much grateful to Kesho Kenya for the unending support they have offered me.”

After Esther lost her father at a tender age and mother fell ill making her unstable to work, she lost all hope in acquiring education. She and her siblings had to dropout of school, find work so as to make ends meet. She always wished she could  read and write since she would then be in a position to manage her own business, keep records and give the correct change to customers. When she heard Kesho Kenya offers adult literacy classes, she seized the opportunity by enrolling.

Currently in class where can i buy vardenafil four, Esther can read the Bible and newsletters from her children’s schools. She can analyse her children’s school report forms and benefits from the Kesho Kenya Street Business School program where she acquires entrepreneurial skills. Her wish is to sit for the primary school national examinations and that is why she is working tooth and nail to make her dream come true.

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Esther (3rd from left) during class at kesho Kenya


The Adult literacy programme began in 2015 and has to date had a total of 106 students with 4 of them doing the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCPE) in 2017. Intake runs throughout the year at absolutely no cost as the tutoring is done individually for about two hours a day on weekdays.

The Basic Education program officer says that the Adult Literacy Program has created a positive image for Kesho Kenya to the community as some benefited from it and has had  great impact on boosting literacy numbers in Kilifi County. This has enabled them get lucrative employments and be able to manage their own businesses.

Kesho is providing basic literacy skills for those unable to read and write, dropped out of primary school due to poverty by providing avenues that are accessible to all. When one is literate, one can solely access services being offered in the community without having to ask for assistance. Private candidates who want to study for the national exams can visit our resource centre and access revision materials.