The Programme

Basic & Secondary Education

While the primary school in Kenya is ‘free’ families still have to provide uniforms and undertake other costs to ensure their children are in school. Currently, all students in schools have to pay standard fees depending on the school level and Board of Management (BOM) agreed on the amount. Although the government subsidized the fees, the payable amount still prohibits thousands of young Kenyans from accessing education due to poverty.


Kesho Kenya offers merit-based sponsorships to bright children from vulnerable backgrounds inhibiting them from either footing primary or secondary school fees. Applicants for sponsorships in primary schools are expected to have scored over 350 out of

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500 marks while those in secondary maintain a mean grade of B (plain) for three consecutive terms. Besides access to education, Kesho provides uniform, stationery to our primary beneficiaries and basic life skill and enrichment training programs such as career, leadership, and IT to all our students. We purchase text books for secondary students, and personal items for a few who cannot afford them. Our fully equipped resource centre is readily available to students within Kilifi communities over the weekends and school holidays. Counselling and mentorship are offered to beneficiaries on a need basis.

In 2020

  • We sponsored 241 children from primary and secondary schools. This translates to over 3,600 beneficiaries from primary to university level since Kesho Kenya’s inception.
  • 75 students in primary and 34 in secondary school received comprehensive revision materials to enable them to continue learning while at home as schools had been closed due to Covid-19 pandemic.
  • We conducted training on leadership, public speaking, career guidance, basic first aid, and sexual reproductive health to our beneficiaries through their respective departments. Training for the mentioned year were limited as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic that saw the suspension of social gatherings. 
  • Our Adult Literacy class has 28 members and is accessible to all interested in the Adult Learning Programme free of charge at the stipulated timeframes. 




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