• Sponsor a Child

How to Sponsor a Child at Kesho Kenya

At Kesho Kenya, sponsoring a child's education is a direct path towards changing lives.

Here's how the process works:

  • Select Your Sponsorship Plan: Choose a sponsorship plan that suits your preferences and aligns with your goals. Our plans primarily focus on educational support, ensuring that children have access to quality schooling, supplies, and educational resources. However, if you wish to extend your support beyond education, we can customize a plan tailored to your specific interests and desires.
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  • Fill out the Commitment Form: Once you've chosen your sponsorship plan, fill out our commitment form. This form outlines the terms of your sponsorship, including the duration, financial commitment, and any additional support you choose to provide.
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  • Child Protection Training: As part of our commitment to child safety and well-being, we'll provide you with comprehensive child protection training. This training ensures that you understand our policies, procedures, and best practices for safeguarding children, maintaining a secure and nurturing environment for all.
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  • Kesho Kenya as Your Bridge: We serve as the bridge between you and the child you sponsor. Our team facilitates communication, updates, and exchanges to foster a meaningful relationship between sponsors and children. You'll receive regular updates about the child's academic progress, personal milestones, and achievements.