• Our Principles

Our Principles

Together, We Can Change Lives.
Our Principles are operating standards that guide our actions and their adoption and implementation is obligatory and should be demonstrable.

  • A belief in education: A child’s journey with Kesho starts with the opportunity to go to school, but that’s not where it ends. Kesho values listening and responding, offering a holistic service to open up children’s worlds, enrich their lives and encourage them to make their own choices. and become independent young adults.

  • Putting children first: Children are at the center of everything Kesho does. We provide a child friendly environment at Kesho and strive to ensure that at home and at school, children are safe, happy, healthy, with time to study, time to play and time to grow and move, one step at a time, towards their dreams.

  • Participation: All of our actions guarantee and promote the right to participation of young persons and those who support them, in pursuit of full citizenship. We also foster a participatory culture within our organization.

  • Non-discrimination/Inclusivity: Our work is built upon the belief that all young persons should have the opportunity to fulfill their rights, irrespective of their or their families’ ethnic or social origin, language, religion, political opinion, economic position, differences in ability or any other status.

  • Relevant and rooted in the community: To remain relevant, we know that we need to be out there, in the field, operating at the grass roots level; listening, understanding and responding to the needs of the children and their families.

  • Transparency: We base our work on honesty, responsibility and maximum access to information regarding the management of resources and the impact of our actions, in pursuit of the highest level of social and economic accountability.

  • Strong Governance: We believe in the importance of having a strong board with diverse skills and a governance structure that ensures we deliver a sustainable and high quality service. Our board members are committed to service and giving back to the community.

  • Dynamic spirit: We have the capacity to adapt and be creative in our response, seeking innovation and quality in our action.