Youth Development

”I didn’t even dream of going to university until I met Kesho”

Why We Do It

Kesho Kenya students are smart and with high aspirations and a true desire to give back to their communities. Nevertheless, leaving school is an exciting time but also one of uncertainty and change. Kesho is one of the few organisations which support children before, during and beyond secondary school.

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Since 2006, 241 students we supported have finished Secondary school.

We have no doubts as to the importance of this: it gives the children the confidence and security they need knowing that we are supporting them from start to finish on their educational journey.With us, Kesho students are empowered to take up opportunities and become independent young adults with choice.

75% transition to higher education after primary school (up to 2018), whereas only 13% of their peers in Coast Region do the same. Qualifications, life skills, job and scholarship application support and work experience all help to give Kesho students the edge they will need to enter a competitive job market. 

How We do It

“Paying it Forward” – Sometimes the greatest outcomes and deepest impacts come not as a direct result of our actions but from the actions of those we have inspired. “Paying it Forward” awakens a realisation among our Alumni of their skills, talents and knowledge. It inspires them to take action in their own communities, to share their gifts and become agents of change.

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Kesho Kenya prepares children for their future – students make their own choices in taking up opportunities and deciding their future paths as they become independent young adults. We provide encouragement while they remain firmly in the driving seat.

1. Financial Support at College and University and provision of lap tops to keep our students at par with their peers. We support our students through Tertiary Education.

2. Membership to the Kesho Kenya Alumni is automatic for all school leavers.

3.Training courses and workshops in IT & Entrepreneurship are offered to all school-leavers in their first year. Furthermore, they can participate in courses about Life skills, HIV and Reproductive and Sexual Health.

4. Former students can gain work experience and are offered lots of volunteer opportunities in the Kesho Office and resource centre.

5. We offer all-round support for job, scholarship and internship applications.

6. Some of our beneficiaries have special talents. Besides enrichment training, we ensure to develop those capacities. One example is our award-winning Edutainment team. Their main objective is to sensitize communities on issues affecting Kilifi County, like child pregnancy, discipline or corruption.

    Our Impacts

    The human impact is told through the students’ stories. Read them here… 68 percent of our students do a Diploma or Degree. Compare this with the County average of only 13%. We must be doing something right! In total, we supported 241 students through tertiary education since 2006

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    • Up to date, 178 students have been or are volunteering with Kesho Kenya and Giving Back.
    • 20 percent of our sponsees have been awarded competitive scholarships and internships to date.
    • in 2019, 270 young people attended enrichment trainings

    What Our Beneficiaries Say

    “Kesho is a chapter of my life I wouldn’t dare close. It has been the window through which I can see the whole world”. A university student of Communications supported by Kesho Kenya.

    “I consider my experience with Kesho Kenya exceptional, it is one that has formed the foundation of all that I am today.” A former beneficiary, studying at Hillsdale College in the USA.